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Better Digital Marketing Through Mind-Reading


Are you struggling with digital marketing in your business? In this segment of the BRB Webinar series, Devin Smith highlighted:
  • Marketing connects better with prospects when it speaks to the progress they are trying to make, the way they think about it, in their language.
  • Do you have to read customer’s minds to find out all those things?
  • Do I have to spend a lot of money to be successful at digital marketing?
  • Where can I find a crystal ball?


DEVIN SMITH, of Active Digital
Devin Smith is a product and marketing consultant with over twenty years of experience across design, advertising, product innovation, and corporate strategy. He hosts the Experience Leader podcast, where he talks about how to grow business by understanding customers and creating best-in-class, end-to-end customer experiences. Devin serves as a customer and employee experience advisor to Active Digital and its clients.